Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Choosing what goes into an exhibit or not ....

This was the piece the owner of the gallery choose for the postcard invitation to my solo exhibit.  I sent him several digitals to choose from.  There are many accidents in this one, that came together well.  I was showing a friend how I painted water.  Then I got carried away with the paint.  We were at a pond camp, and painting without stop for a couple of days.  It was her first experience with oils. 

The exhibit will be hung tomorrow ... I've been into the gallery a few times in the past week, but have no idea how I'm going to put this all together.  I have several different styles, none that fit any category.  Many artists have a "body" of work.  I have almost 50 pieces ready to hang, some of them fit together, some do not.  It's all the experimentation that thrills me.  I've curated many exhibits, but never of my own work, except the display at the "sunshine" art festivals.  I've always let someone else do it.  I have enlisted the help of a good friend, with a great eye for placement and flow.  We've worked together several times.  I'm so grateful he has agreed to help out. 

Getting ready is so much work.  Framing, wrapping for transport etc.  The hardest part was deciding what to take and what to leave home.  Then there's the pricing.  Most of them already had prices, and I left them alone even though the gallery will take a percentage.  The economy isn't very healthy where I live and I face the age old dilemma of ... if you price low, your work isn't valuable, if you price high ... regular people can't afford it.  Keeping my goal of sharing my work, and having original art in regular places like homes and businesses, I've decided to price fairly low. 

I am looking forward to visiting with friends, and seeing so much of my work hung in one place.  The reception's this Friday evening and Saturday ... an artist's work is never done. 

I've been reading several blogs that the author is wondering why they're writing.  I write to share my process, excitement when something new comes along, it's like wanting to tell Mom or Dad or Grandma what's going on.  Problem is, I don't have a Mom, Dad or Grandma any more.  So I write a bit ... knowing a few people might read it.  It's the connections made that make it worth it.  Even one!

That thought brings me to visual conversation.  I've written about that process before.  The energy generated is terrific.  I think it is because you know someone is going to view your art work and respond to it with work of their own.  Once the circle begins, it ripples into your entire life.  It definitely helped me through some difficult times.