Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My digital camera died awhile ago ... why are so many things today disposable?  My appliances are 20 years old and still going ... however, the toaster became toast at least 4 times.  I now have a new camera, and am slowly learning how to use it. 

This image is a Touch Drawing I did at a workshop at the Rowe Conference Center in Massachusetts in January.  I added some color during my recent vacation.   I haven't decided if I will add or subtract some of the image.  This image is on tissue paper and I will mount it.  I'm considering mounting it on a painted canvas.  The color or colors of the canvas will show through once I use acrylic matt medium to mount it.  It is also possible to mount drawings on paper, wood, glass or plexiglass.  Possibilities are endless. 

I worked on a black and white drawing on vacation as well, one that fascinated me every time I looked at.  I mounted it on white gallery wrapped canvas and painted black edges into the drawing and on the sides.  I wish I had a digital of that to share, but I already gave that one away.  I had offered to create something for a friend for a certain space.  I painted a red nude (no digital of that either) and also gave her the black and white drawing.  The thought of giving the pieces away energized the work.  I was creating something that would have a good home.  I have several drawings I plan to relax with in the near future.  They're easy to pick up and play with, and easy to put down.  There's no pressure. 

I will be participating in a drawing exhibit this summer, and I think the Touch Drawings will be an interesting addition.  I posted one on the blog prior to this.  It was one I sold. 

If you're interested in the process of Touch Drawing, visit  The website has more information than you will ever need.  It's definitely worth a look.

I arrange exhibits where I work.  Coming up with titles for the exhibits is a challenge.  We've had "Comfort, Woe and Wonder" and the current exhibit is "Dream, Hope and Grow."  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  My workplace is a Community Action Program.  The administrative building can display between 40 and 50 pieces ... original art makes the decrepit space beautiful.  There is no charge to the artists, no jury, and no commission.  I think it's win/win.  I've probably written it before, but I believe art needs to be shared in everyday places.  The current exhibit has two drawings by young boys in grade school.  They are fascinating.  Over 20 artists are participating in the current exhibit.

I see so many beautiful creations while reading blogs.  If you don't sell or give them away, what do you do with them if they don't fit or you don't hang them in your home for whatever reason?  When I have enough for an exhibit, or sidewalk sale, I am sometimes discouraged from the activity.  Like now ... I'm working with drawings.  It's fun and relaxing.  Some great images have been created.  You would be surprised how strong tissue paper can be.  Yes, it's the tissue paper that you use in boxes containing gifts.  I'm going back to read my new camera book.  I have a new cell phone too ... I can barely answer it.  Sometimes progress is just too complicated.  Keeping pace with new technology makes me feel old.  On that happy note, I will press the button for this post.