Saturday, October 22, 2011

Just for Me, Myself and I

I'm fond of Ravens, they're very intelligent birds.  Decided I wanted a painting for my house.  This was my first effort.  I like the background much more than the bird, there's no action.  I'm almost finished with my second effort, "In Flight."  I am almost satisfied.  I've started a third, this one a combination of spread wings and open mouth.  There may be more .... black (of course one must mix this dark neutral) feathers are fascinating.  They reflect, and there are so many combinations to create different blacks.  I'm experimenting. 

I haven't been painting much, got through the sunshine art shows during the summer season.  I had some sales, but nothing like past years.  The economy is still in the sewer, I don't care what the media says.  The media can't make up it's mind anyway.  I think they create some of the problems. 

I will have plenty of time to paint in the near future, I was laid off from my part-time job at the end of August.  Federal Funding Budget cuts reached out directly to me.  No one is insulated in this country. 

At present, I'm painting and experimenting, pushing along, seeing what happens, revisiting old discoveries, observing, and staying comfortable.  I recently acquired a Color NOOK.  Nice for reading blogs, but almost impossible to comment.  The "keyboard" is simply too small for my fingers.  I've tried using a pencil eraser, but haven't mastered that technique yet.  If it can be mastered, that is. 

Off to do some touch drawing, work on my second and third Ravens, maybe start a fourth?

Happy Halloween!