Sunday, June 6, 2010

Start Over

Last Sunday I worked on a start all afternoon, and wiped it all off on Monday.  There are times I feel it is okay to do that.  I'm not compelled to work with something I'm not attracted to.  I was feeling frustrated and threw the paint on this canvas, stabbed it with my brush, pulled it around, had my rag handy and was wiping paint off as fast as it was being applied.  When I was done, I stood the piece on a shelf and walked away.  When I returned to the studio, the paint had been thin and wet enough (oil mixed with paint thinner) some of it dripped through the painting and I had a puddle of indigo on the shelf.  I could have wiped it all off at that point, but there is something here that fascinates me.  I don't know what it is yet.  I've been looking at this piece for a week now.  It's almost dry enough to work on, but I'll wait until I have a longer block of time.  My obligations at my paying job kept me out of the studio the latter part of the week, and a family visit for the weekend did the same. 

I was excited by a previous start I posted, now I wish I had it back.  I developed the painting too soon.  Patience is what I don't always have.  The painting that did result from that one is beginning to grow on me.  There are no mistakes, I need to remember that. 

This start has water, wind, plant life, sky,earth and human elements in it.  I will bring it into what it is, and will abstain from forcing images into the paint.  There are enough there to keep me busy and content for several hours of painting. 


  1. You wrote, "I could have wiped it all off at that point, but there is something here that fascinates me."

    the softness of the paint application that isn't easily reproducible...the colors melting into one another...the edges playing hide n seek amongst the values...the hint of dramatic content that can mean something unique to each individual observer...
    THAT's what fascinates me.

  2. I agree with DJ. There is a man in the upper right corner...I'm fascinated by your work. Wish I could let go more.

  3. This is a happy accident I do not think I would do too much to this one. Maybe just add so paint on certain small corners of it to emphasise what you see in it. I like it it makes me think.

  4. I agree with Ralph. I think you have something abstract but really pretty pleasant. Be careful what you do.

  5. Very beautiful art - your work has the stirrings of creation and nature. Beautiful use of color and motion! Thank you for your visit to my blog and kind comment. I look forward to following more of your work!

  6. I think it's beautiful. Some wonderful things are born out of those kinds of moments.

  7. I have to agree with all the above - there is something fascinating in the stark contrasts between light and dark and yet, moody - compelling. I love the way things meld together.
    Also, thank you for following my blog. It is great to make new friends. Have a great Monday! Cyndy