Sunday, July 4, 2010

Where the "Start" Ended

I'm calling this piece finished.  I had a difficult time getting a decent digital of it, due to reflections and my lack of knowledge of the digital camera.  Sometime I should sit with the owner's manual and figure out all the settings.  It's not really that complicated. 

There is a lot of detail that can't  be seen in this little image, but one can get the idea.  I see something different each time I look.  This is also a piece that works whichever way you hang it. 

I've delayed really working by painting the sides of several gallery wrapped canvases, and now by arraging this post.  Time's up, I have two pieces to work on today.  My first show sale is in two weeks.  It may be pushing it to have the ones I side painted today completely dry, but it should work.  Once I have an inventory, I usually don't add to it until the next year.  This year is an exception.  I think I mentioned I have a solo show coming up in October, but to my pleasure, it's been changed to the month of December.  I thought about painting things I "thought" would sell ... and changed my mind.  I'll keep on painting what I want to. 

Some pieces I keep for awhile, some I give away, and the rest I cart around and have fun talking to people at shows.  I know my work only appeals to a small percentage of the population.  I've found those that stop and look, and talk, are people I really like.  Go figure.  They've already met me through my work, and feel comfortable enough to be friendly.  Time's up again.


  1. I see so many images in this piece, and that is one of the things I enjoy about your work...would definitely love to see it up close and in person! Good luck at your show sale!

  2. I would be one of those stopping, looking, and definitely talking. Prolly too much.
    I like this piece and the endless imagery which surfaces as it's studied. Please keep painting from your heart, instead of from expectations.
    Best Wishes on your shows, my friend.

  3. Hi Jennifer. I like the pieces you're posting. Hope the shows are going well. The weather has cooperated, so that's always a plus.

    My company's gone. We should get together soon.

  4. I don't believe an artist can truly know how many people they touch with their work. Once it's out in the world it passes to the masses. Stay focused on your art - it's very original - I like it!