Sunday, August 1, 2010

This image is in progress ... the digital is not the best, but close enough.  I created a "start" and the mare was simply in the paint.  Horses are not one of my subjects, and this was a surprise to me.  Not a woman to be found.  Finding an image (or not) in an initial application of paint is part of my process. 

I have three more "sunshine" artshows to do this summer.  I've cut it to four from ten last year.  I don't mind the visiting with the public, talking about my work, visiting with neighbor artists etc.  It is the setup and takedown that wear me out.  I keep my tent, sidewalls and racks in my car, but always bring the paintings inside.  I don't take a lot of work, only what will fit in my little car.  I may do a few more next summer, I may do none.  I do have a day job that provides an income.

I can now focus on my solo exhibit in December.  I have a large enough inventory of work, but it's not framed.  I did move to gallery wrapped canvas, so frames aren't an issue unless I want them to be.  The pieces I keep in my home, I frame sometimes.  I do find painting the sides of the canvas a chore.  I finished off two today that I never got to before the first show.  I can't keep all of my work, and a few years ago I got tired of running it to galleries and switching out the ones that didn't sell ... and the galleries always made more money than I did. 

Creating images is part of who I am, I've learned not to attach any economic limitations.  Plain and simple, I don't do it for money.  Money's nice, but not the objective.  I've relaxed into creating.  I can let it flow. 

I just hung one of the pieces completed today to dry ... and I hung it sideways in my studio.  There's an image I hadn't seen in the paint, and I'm contemplating painting a piece from that one.  I do paint from my own images ... I never know what will appear.  Above is the second horse that's made an appearance since I've been painting.  I need to think about why now?

I can't paint every day ... I'm too tired after work and there are other things in life that get in the way ... like visiting grandchildren.  And ... sigh ... keeping the house in order and making food.  I haven't had the energy to clean my studio in months, but a feeling better recently and may get to it soon.  After the last show in August ... September perhaps, unless I have a high energy day in between. 

I owned a marvelous horse for over 25 years.  I took care of him till he died.  He was a Chestnut, and a Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse Cross.  That animal could dance!  He was very athletic, and his only vice was the fact he would not walk accross a culvert.  He had to jump every one.  Just rambling here, time to stop typing. 


  1. I do love your rambling! What a great sense of this amazing artist who paints for the love of putting paint to a surface rather than worrying about the almighty dollar. Yay~
    What is it about horses? They were one of my first subjects as a child...
    In about a week, I'll return to my classroom and all of its responsibilities after a summer of art, grandchildren, and freedom to choose how to spend my time. I understand your fatigue and its impact on your studio time.
    I admire you for doing so many shows; may your sales be swift!
    Love your horse painting; keep going...

  2. Thanks DJ ... as to keep going, I simply must. Painting keeps me pain free and alive! How's that for an alternative med?

  3. Ride your horse into that magical fantasy...can't wait to see where he takes you.

  4. Painting as an alternative to pain I wonder if I can get the doctor to prescribe a course of paint for me. I love this blog,

  5. Love your blog and rambling.
    Since I turned 65 this year i decided no more shows. It is soooooo much work,selling is fun but not the set up and take down. I agree with you. Just keeping busy with the space I lease in a local shop.
    I think I'd crawl into a corner and never come out if not for my art! Wish I had more time... no housework or meals to fix.
    Hugs, Amy

  6. Nice lunch today. Let's do it again soon.

    Love your painted horse and ramble all you want, its fun to read. Where's your solo show in December? I rambled too much at lunch and didn't let you talk! Sorry...

    Next time you can duct tape my mouth!