Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Back to work

One of my favorite pieces ... finding my way back to work.  I have several "in progress" but am relaxing for the moment.  I've been reading blogs, but didn't have anything to say.  Don't know if I do today either.  I admire the persons that write everyday.  I know writing helps you organize your thoughts, get them in a record of sorts.  I've only written about my work.  It is my life.

I wonder what people do that do not have a creative pastime.  Be it writing, painting, poetry or music.  Cooking can be included in the creative category.  It certainly is more fun with the attitude it's not a chore.

The piece at left I titled "Three's a Crowd."  I see three figures there, two female and one male.  It's a crowded piece.  I'm not titling all of my work, unless something comes to mind. 

The holidays are done, and winter has set in.  The cold is bone chilling.  I do not like to go outside.  Your nose freezes and your skin hurts.  I so appreciate a warm home.  The office where I do work is also warm.  It's the car and walking in and out.  There was a time I was outside no matter what the weather.  Age changes a lot of things.  Not in a bad way ... it's just different.

With the smaller image, I can see many more figures ... a painting is seen by an individual, and each sees it differently.  I think that is the basis of my pleasure in working.  My images don't exist anywhere in sight, only on the canvas.  I love to look at the art of others ... I feel I can get to know them.  If I've seen your art, and we meet, I already know you.  Is it intentional?  Is everything intentional? 

When I begin a piece, it is done without intention.  Intention comes as I work with it.  When I come to a face ... and develop it ... I hear things like ... my eyes are two close together, my eyebrows are too thick, my nose isn't that wide, my bottom lip is fuller, my ears don't stick out, my hair is blonder, blacker, red etc.  I know it is myself talking with myself.  That's part of my process.  Process is the most important in my work.  If the work is flowing, I feel good, if I'm having a hard time, I don't.  Enough rambling for today. 

I am going to get more friendly with my digital camera and share some works in progress.  I think I may incorporate a blogging step.  Might keep me more organized.  Cheers!


  1. Very interesting piece, Jennifer. I see several figures.

    I like how you approach your work, not having any intention when you begin but just developing as you go along. As a mostly subjective painter, I find that so hard to do... something I'm always working on.

  2. I love reading your thoughts. While I don't have your vision, it inspires me to study your creative musings. You help widen my horizons. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thanks for the blog. I look at this canvas and feel 'inspired'. I have been struggling with my art direction and am feeling very stagnant ... doing the same thing, over and over and over! Desperately looking for a new direction for my work.
    You've given me points to ponder in my creative process; thanks.

    Yes age does change everything doesn't it. I don't venture out as much as I should either, and I absolutely love the winter and the cold.

    Ah well, maybe next year as I turn the clock backwards and become at least three years younger on my next birthday.

    Happy painting!

  4. very nice work!!
    I like how you aproach the subjects and your discription of knowing the artist by their work

  5. Glad to see you back to work.. your words inspire me.
    Michigan is just as frigid and I am soooo tired of winter so is my arthritis.
    My count is 49 days till it's officailly spring and I am ready. Warm Hugs

  6. hi Jennifer, I enjoyed reading your post today...found I could relate to your approach, especially about beginning a piece w/out intention & finding it develop as you work. You have a nice style.