Sunday, April 1, 2012

Clearing Clutter

I've missed the entire first quarter on 2012 writing here.  Now that I've completed some tedious tasks, it is my intention to share some of my creative discoveries.  "Raven III" 18 x 18 Oil Painting on Gallery Wrapped Canvas is at left.  This piece makes Raven number 3, I believe I have enough now.  Raven I is currently sitting on my mantle and it draws people into the room.  I recently had new flooring installed on the main floor of my home, and the place was a wreck.  Everything had to be moved out of each room, and a lot of sorting got done.  I found art supplies I'd forgotten I had.  I cleaned out a desk that had over 20 years of "stuff" stuffed in the drawers.  It was a good exercise, and I parted with things I hadn't used or needed.  Now ... if only I could do the same in my studio.  All the "stuff" that doesn't have a home somewhere else in the house, ends up there.  A couch, futon, bed, and all the dead computers.  "Someday" I need to fire up some of the old computers after I get them fixed, only to get digital copies of the paintings I no longer have.  

Would that be worth it?  I painted them, and sold or gave them away.  I'm wondering if I need the images.  I'm only going to continue to create more.  The Ravens were a labor to paint.  I spent a week on "artist's retreat" in February.  I'm just finishing up three of the paintings I started there.  It didn't take much to bring them to completion.  Once I had a good coat of color covering the canvas, it was relaxing.  I've learned how to "go back into" pieces that aren't finished.  Now with that success behind me, maybe I'll be able to finish up all those canvases I got frustrated with and gave up on.  Every piece can be finished.  Easier said than done. 

Next post will be of a vase of sunflowers, then a tree.  I don't know what planet the tree is on, but I like it.  Stay tuned!  I have made friends with my new digital camera.  That was a major accomplishment for me.  Now if the computer will behave!


  1. Hey welcome back, Lady! Nice to hear the house project is under control. Sounds exhausting! I like your raven, but am really looking forward to seeing where you brought your sunflowers and tree to their finish. Feb retreat was great as usual... thanks for joining us again!

  2. Yes-welcome back Jennifer! Sorry I didn't get to talk to you @ Lyceum. We had to bolt to be somewhere. Glad you're painting. Maybe see you at Bates sometime?

  3. Jennifer, Awesome painting! Please continue to share here; have been missing you. ~ DJ