Saturday, May 15, 2010

Beginning again

I did figure out why my computer was translating my words to Hindi ... I did find the settings for following that would show the followed blog who I was ... now to the business of figuring the rest out ...

Susan Roux, friend and inspiration, convinced me this activity would be fun, uplifting and fill my need to connect socially with artists.  People that understand the challenges of being an artist, be it creative process (my favorite subject), technique, marketing, storage of inventory, working with galleries, hanging solo shows, what is the best paint, etc ... and the list goes on.

Years ago I began painting to make decorations for the walls of my home ... not having money at the time to purchase.  It didn't take long for the joy of painting to become addictive.

The world disappears, time doesn't exist and all my aches and pains are not felt.  As I am a different person each day, new mood, activity, etc., my work is related but not all the same style.  I'm always pushing the envelope to create an image that exists only on my support.  I do stick with oil paint, but apply it to canvas, fabric, wood, plexi, paper and even tissue paper. 

This is a recent image that evolved from the paint.  First, I put the wrong color blue on my pallette, and decided to go with it.  I don't know who she is, have never met her, but she's hanging in my studio and talks to me. 

Most of my work is not as developed as this piece.  I took a course in the Old Masters Style of painting a couple of years ago, and ended up in a rut.  I appreciate realistic paintings, but don't enjoy doing them.  I proved I can do it, and that was enough.  Many of the techniques I like and use. 

Susan was questioning "Is Art Dying" the other day.  It was also a question about what is art. 

Art is in the eye of the beholder.  It takes two people to create a work of art ... one to make it, and one to see it.

For the rest of today, I'm returning to making. 


  1. Great start Jennifer! Glad to see you're finally off and running. Hope you do enjoy the experience. Yes I can see some resemblance to the course you took. I like the "deep in thought" or "wisdom" in her eyes. Like the Mona Lisa, I can't tell the real emotion!

  2. Dear Jennifer...YEAHHHHHHH! You DID it! You are now officially a blogger, stepping into the wonderful world of blogland! So happy to have seen your comment on my blog, telling me to check out YOURS! Good for you. I look forward to many, many posts in the future. Take care. Sincerely, Susan

  3. great start indeed Jennifer. Welcome to this wierd world of bloggers and especially people who like you are creating and sharing and learning.
    Thanks too for checking in on my blog and the kind comments left.

  4. Beautiful painting!
    Similar to you, I do not find ultimate fulfillment in painting towards photorealism. My eyes enjoy the textures and brushstrokes more than objects, for whatever reason. I want to have content, but I'm still searching for my niche.
    Create On~