Friday, May 21, 2010

"Double Talk" is a Touch Drawing.  The history of the process of Touch Drawing can be read at  I was introduced to the process by Helen Warren.  I've integrated the process into all of my work.  "Double Talk" is oil on tissue paper mounted on cotton canvas.  Yes ... tissue paper.  I don't remember the exact size, it is approximately 12 x 18.  It was accepted into several juried shows.  It was also part of my portable exhibit.  It was hung living room for years, I wanted a change, so decided I could part with it.  It didn't sell, and after a show in South Portland, I decided to put it back in the living room.  A young man had been interested at that show, but didn't commit to purchasing it.  I got a call the next morning, and he had decided he had to have it.  He arrived with cash and drove for 3 hours to get what he could have had the day before. 

Helen Warren also has information about Touch Drawing on her website
Helen is a wonderful facilitator for individual creative process, and I studied with her for years.  She didn't like to be called a teacher.  I agree, it's one thing to teach technical rules etc., but you cannot teach creativity.  Everyone is creative.  It takes a special person to bring that out in people.

My current painting is too wet to continue today.  It's at the stage where I don't know what it will be, just know I have to keep going with it.  I spend as much time sitting with my pieces in progress as painting them.  I'm using a square format at the moment, and look at all angles, including the diagonal.  I derive great pleasure simply moving paint, and watching colors interact. 

For a couple of years I was forcing realism and representation on canvas.  I'm now relaxing and enjoying working.  That is a good thing because I have a solo show scheduled for October, and I don't have a large enough body of work in my inventory.  I have to solve that, and there's only one way.  Paint. 

I've been inspired while following several blogs, and reading.  So much to see, time flies.


  1. I am a new follower and am so glad I found your blog. I hope you will follow mine as well.
    I love working in oils and enjoy seeing what other artists are doing. We have a window on the world to see what great individual artists are doing. Amy

  2. fascinating piece: i can see why that guy had to have it as it plays with the eyes. never heard of touch drawing so thank you fro introducing it here

  3. Enjoyed exploring the Touch Drawing site. Your piece is quite intriguing; I can understand his need to own it...