Friday, May 28, 2010


I have decided this piece is done for the moment.  I was not happy with it as I painted, but I kept at it.  I have another started, but it's still too wet to work.

It's 18 x 18 on gallery wrapped canvas.  I've never destroyed work, but this is on a recycled canvas.  I had three pieces I was not interested in pursuing any further.  They were on wrapped canvas ... I paid good money for the support and was not going to waste it.  I had some gold gesso from Daniel Smith so I made them into blanks. 

I've used all three now and the only supplies I had left were three 18 x 24 canvases, and a full roll of primed canvas.  That's been sitting in the corner of the studio for several years now.  I don't like to stretch canvas.  I was saving those three because I thought I was going to do some "Old Masters Style" paintings.  I don't enjoy that process ... so why was I considering it?  It wasn't even a personal challenge.  Why did I keep saving the canvases for when I was in the mood and had the time?

I do enjoy the process above, and of a prior post and that is why I work.  I committed myself to doing what I enjoy.  Just ordered a dozed 18 x 18 canvases and a few 30 x 30.  I'm traveling my own path into the unknown.  As I was applying the gesso to the 18 x 24s, I was thinking of that roll in the corner.  When I work large I don't stretch the canvas, just tack it to the wall.  That way, I'm free to create as large or small a piece as I wish.  Sometimes it is confining to have the size predetermined.  I'm thinking of tacking a large piece up, and seeing what happens.  Might take me all summer, but there's no rush.

Happy Holiday Weekend!


  1. Happy holiday weekend to you - sounds like you are figuring your art out successfully!

  2. I don't enjoy the grunt work of stretching canvases at all.
    But I've been told that, at some point, I need to get away from the cheap pre-stretched canvases I'm playing on now...

  3. Big canvas on the wall and just go at it? Sounds like fun! Hope you do it. (I should try that sometimes...)

    Love the face in the tree top. It reminds me of you. Little hidden women in the forest. I feel like she has this wonderful foliage hat that disappears in the tree! Great shadow around her face. I think the other ghostly faces are admiring her, hopefully not scheming to still her lovely hat..!