Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day's End ... recycled plexiglass

There were several frames with no glare Plexiglas glazing I used to cart around to the outdoor shows.  Eventually the Plexiglas would get scratched, and there were some pieces I sold without the frame. 

This piece is a piece of painted Plexiglas, no glare (scratched) side as the back, and you look through the shiny side at the image on the paint.  There is no "painting."  I put a piece of gray colored mat board behind the plexi for color and protection, and back into the frame it went.  This is one that I have kept for myself, it looks great in my living room.  It's the last one I have.  I did several ... I painted the "main" image and then poured on the background.  Lots of surprises.  I was reminded this past week while putting inventory together for my show, how much fun it was.  And, the marvelous results. 

I had several of my sheet canvas oils mounted on a backing so I could frame them without a mat and/or glazing for my upcoming solo show. Thinking about what needed was the reminder of the scratched Plexiglas.  I placed the frame order this afternoon.  Just simple silver and gold metal frames.  The discount warehouse where I get my frames had some beautiful gold wood frames that were 18 x 24, I needed three, and they were only $8 on sale.  That was an on the spot decision.  I had planned on using gold metal.  There are more framing options with sheet canvas, you don't need a rabbit as deep.  I've committed to the show now ... as 37 of the pieces I've chosen were not framed.  I only show so much outdoors, and interchange frames each season.  It's a whim, and you never know what some one will be attracted to. 

On another note, the second exhibit where I work a few days a week, is hung and the reception is over.  All the arrangements made my last two weeks a bit crazy.  I receipted new work, checked out work that left, but this time I did it taking a few minutes here and there out of my regular workday.  That meant shorter lunch breaks, and no other breaks during the day.  It took another morning to curate and hang everything.  Three of the exhibiting artists were on hand to help out.  We arranged the show by "committee."  Every piece has a space that shows it off.  All four of us agreed on each placement.  The reception was sparsely attended, but I hope that as the exhibits are publicized in the future, this will improve.  We don't have a budget for advertising either and rely on the goodwill of the local radio stations and newspapers.  There were a few first time exhibitors.  There's no jury, no fee and no commission.  This is not a gallery space, the lighting is poor, but it is a space to display the work of local artists.  The employees that work in the building appreciate it.  It's a non-profit service organization and there's no money for decorations of any sort.  This time there were 21 artists participating. 

I've probably written about art in everyday places before, but I think it's important.  People need to see how energizing it is.  The title of the current exhibit is "Comfort, Woe and Wonder."  The interpretations had many surprises.  I choose the title as a lead in to the services offered by the organization, but artistically it could be anything.  There are oils, watercolors, pastels, graphite, charcoal and glazed earthenware.  There is even a recycled antique mill window, which was part of a large project a couple of years ago.  That's another story for another day.  We'll do it all again at the end of February, or the beginning of March.  I need to come up with a title for the next exhibit soon, and get a call for artists out.  Does anyone remember an exhibit title they especially liked that is very open to interpretation but is catchy for press releases?


  1. You always have such interesting concepts. In Feb and Mar, I always think about "awakening" as winter moves into spring. Hope the show goes well - wish I could attend.

  2. I've done 'reverse painting' but mine has been on glass. Never thought of trying plexiglass....will have to give that some consideration very soon.

    Thanks for sharing, love your blog.

  3. "Out of the cold" came to mind...

    So where is your solo exhibit going to be? Did you tell me already? 37 pieces! You go girl!