Monday, October 11, 2010

Finishing a piece after years

I had a silver frame, double mat and the wrong painting in it.  I used the frame so I could hang the piece in a juried show a couple of years ago.  It's been sitting around gathering dust and dog hair. 

I've recently been going through my work and deciding what I will include in my upcoming exhibit.  (What I'll pay out cash for frames, etc.) so they can be hung. 

I came accross this piece I'd done a few years ago, when I was working on a fabric washed in acrylic that was mold and rot proof with oils.  It acted like unprimed canvas with the paints and I liked that.  I did several pieces, but got tired of stretching the fabric, and returned to the customary canvas. 

To fit into the frame I already have, the edges needed to be painted out.  That was my project for the afternoon.  Everything event has a reason, and today I realized how much I missed working with the fabric.  I have a couple of rolls of it ... I bought it at a fabric warehouse.  The painting on my previous post would have been fun to do on it.  I did call it done with a few minor adjustments.  I am pleased with that one. 

Just thinking for a minute that I would try the same type of scene on fabric, reminded me that nothing I do can be recreated by me.  I have no formula paintings.  I have a color formula, I only use three primaries and white ... that's enough color on the pallette for me.  I've been using same three colors for years, only once in awhile adding some other primary to the mix.  Today I learned that is a good thing, painting those edges was easy.  The same colors were already on my pallette. 

I haven't titled this piece yet, because I frankly don't know what it is.  I think it has something to do with the sound of the ocean.  That makes me think, I haven't been to the ocean yet this year and it's only an hour and a half drive from home.  Oh, I've been close, but always in a bay situation.  It smells good, but there's no sound or grand movement.  Maybe that's why I pulled this out of the stack of rejects, and considered it again when looking for something to put in a perfectly good frame.  It's small enough, 18 x 24, so won't stretch it but will put it in the mat and under no glare plexiglass. 

I thought the larger pieces would take a lot of time ... but I will share I painted very little of my previous post with a brush.  Most of it was done with a rag.  I find I like the method, and will be experimenting to see what I can do. 

My social life is beginning to interfere with painting time ... or looking at another way, it makes my painting and creating time precious.  I know I need to have the painting time ... it makes me feel great.  Some people get a natural high from running or exercise, in the studio is where I find mine. 

My thanks for the comments on my last post ... I'm so inspired by all the blogs I follow on an irregular basis.  I am beginning to enjoy my reading more and more each day. 

Thanks Susan, for getting me started. 


  1. I would call this 'Hope'. Don't know why, maybe it's the light at the top of the canvas, or my current mood....needing hope! What a wonderful, absorbing painting. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I do the same thing with frames...move them around for a fresh look. This piece is soft, fragile and strong at the same time and will look great in any exhibit...!!

  3. Hello Jennifer,
    I like how you think and work... Your process talk is engaging. I also find your palette soothing. I will be back again. Glad Susan encourage your blogging.

  4. I like Ruby and others here found a captivating painting. I have looked at it again and again it keeps me thinking. Now I have not got a clue why I would call it this but here is my thoughts. "The Calm Before The Storm." With maybe a sub title, And the Waiting. Thank you I love it

  5. Hi Jennifer. Ralph posted about you, so I clicked on his link and found you thanking me! How's that for intertwined and twisted?

    I like this piece. So much energy! I can see why you're leaning towards ocean. Sunrise comes to mind too. Or a button in a tufted cushion, or a flower...

    Its the story of your work. Left to the viewers imagination.

    I'll get back to you on the email.

  6. A very interesting painting, Jennifer!

    I like Ralph's suggestion.. Waiting. Somehow the light from behind seems to be overtaking the grey dark area and the hint of a clock seems to bring in the idea of time.