Sunday, October 3, 2010

A weekend of progress

I've finally gotten back to painting.  When I do pick up a brush, I don't know why I avoided it.  It's been months since I've been interested in spending much time in the studio.  Here is an in progress work I began on Friday.  It's 30 x 30 in oil.  It's always a question - what do I what to paint - this began with the bluish background and developed from there.  I'm not sure where I'll take in from here, it could be finished.  This isn't a real place, but the scene is an easy memory to recall.  I've seen many versions in many places, and needed a place to escape.  It is unusual for me to paint landscapes of any type, even imaginary ones.  I'll let this dry for a few days or more and get back to it.  There are some messy parts that need to be defined.

My friends have been out plein aire, but I find the studio more comfortable.  I have other outside activities.  And ... I finally cleaned up my work space.  I'd been avoiding painting, and preferred to read all about what others were doing.  I'm not sure what will come next, but I have plenty of canvas and paint. 

I'm slowly getting ready for my December show.  Have begun the process of what to frame and what to leave behind.  Of course I have a budget too, and am happy most of my latest pieces have been done on gallery wrapped canvas.  All I have to do is attach the eye screws and wire, and I can hang it. 

The exhibit where I work will come down at the end of October.  I plan to take pictures of it before it does, and then get some "before" pictures before the next exhibit is hung.  I'm looking forward to seeing new works and curating the exhibit.  I also have the opportunity to see many of the artists I have come to know over time, and have short visits.  The weather in Maine has definitely turned towards fall, but we had some glorious days of summer in September.  This has been one of the most pleasant summers I remember since moving here well over 30 years ago. 


  1. I love seeing how your work evolves. I have been trying your advice in watercolor - I feel it has improved my work greatly. Thank you for sharing with me.

  2. Oh Jennifer. I think this painting is done. Its so wonderful! All it needs is a signature.

  3. What a delightful painting. Yes, I too know such spots but have never caputured with the sensitivity I feel in this one. Congratulations.

    I've not been painting either, don't know why; but have cleaned up my 'studio' spare room So now I can find the tools of the trade and will see where I go from here.

    Thanks for sharing this painting.

  4. I thought this was finished when I first saw it - looks like a mysterious, misty morning. I agree with Susan - just sign it and move on to the next one! ;)

    I know what you mean about wondering why you ever left painting after a long absence. I feel exactly the same way and once I start again you have to drag me away! (Until life interrupts and the cycle starts all over again...)

  5. Love this painting,I too think it's done. Just beautiful !

  6. Hi Jennifer--nice painting--lots of atmosphere to this. Hope to see you sometime at life drawing. Congrats on the sale of that last one.